What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a worldwide game dedicated to Global Positioning System (GPS) users. The game basically involves a hidden “treasure” (cache), with the exact coordinates published online at geocaching.com, allowing GPS users to “treasure hunt” to find it. This exciting sport/hobby is a great family activity and getting started is easy, all you need is a handheld GPS receiver and internet access! A typical cache consists of a waterproof container, a log book, and trinkets. Signing the log book proves you found it, and the trinkets provide trade items; the idea is to take an item, then replace it with an item of equal value. Once the log book is signed and trinkets exchanged, the container is put back in exactly the same place it was found, to await the next finder.
What is a GeoTrail?

A GeoTrail is a series of geocaches connected by one or more common themes (location, terrain type, heritage, etc.). Often the series has an accompanying brochure/passport containing project rules/guidelines, space to record finds, and can be kept as a memento. Frequently a prize, oftentimes a geocoin, is awarded for completing a trail.

What is the South Mountain GeoTrail?

The South Mountain GeoTrail (SMGeoTrail) is a project, funded by both public and private funds, that is designed to educate about agricultural, heritage, and natural sites within the South Mountain Region. The SMGeoTrail utilizes the growing interest in geocaching to connect an increasingly tech savvy public to the natural assets of the South Mountain Region. Each cache in the series contains a unique keyword that should be written into your SMGeoTrail Passport to verify that you found the cache. After logging a minimum of 30 caches (or all the caches that are currently available), you are eligible for a one-of-a-kind GeoCoin by, in person, submitting your passport and a completed survey to:

The Capital RC&D Area Council Office
401 East Louther St., Ste 307
Carlisle, PA 17013
Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00pm
Phone: 717-241-4361

Where is the South Mountain GeoTrail?

Pennsylvania’s South Mountain is the northern end of the Blue Ridge Mountains – a narrow mountain range stretching through Virginia and Maryland into south central Pennsylvania. Extending 40 miles in a northeast/southwest direction, it connects the PA counties of Adams, Cumberland, Franklin and York.

The area serves as an “interstate greenway” – a large, linear corridor six to seven miles wide that links Pennsylvania with southern natural areas. The South Mountain Region is highly accessible from major highways such as I-81, I-83, PA Turnpike I-76, Routes 11 & 15 and several smaller scenic byways within a few hours of major metropolitan areas in the Northeastern United States.