Monday, June 25, 2012

My First Time GeoCaching!

I was only recently informed about Geocaching, and it seemed like an excellent opportunity to get involved in a fun hobby. I chose to follow the South Mountain Geotrail for my first experience, as I am currently a student at Dickinson College and the SMGeotrail falls right around the area of my school. I began by locating cache SM1004, which is technically supposed to be a very low difficulty/low terrain cache. Being my first experience looking for a cache, however, I did find it a little difficult to learn how to navigate the site using a handheld GPS unit. I ended up incorporating NeonGeo, a smartphone app available on Iphone and Android smartphones, to help find the cache. SM1004 ended up being the first of five Geocaching experiences this particular Saturday. I found the experience to be very enjoyable and I am enthusiastic to recommend the experience to others. I think the best part, and really what Geocaching is all about, was getting out and experiencing places that I would never normally get to see. It certainly was much better than spending my Saturday afternoon in front of a television! I highly recommend the SMGeotrail to Geocachers both new and experienced, as it was a great way to come across all the great things the Cumberland Valley has to offer!

~Aaron Heller (4/28/12)


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